The art of tattooing : techniques and inspirations

Tattoos have long been frowned upon in society. But with the modernization of morals and the progressive open-mindedness of some, this art ended up gaining popularity. Now, there are more and more customers, eager to find the tattoo that would enhance them the most. Here are some tips and strategies that will help you find the artistic technique and model perfect for you. 

Choosing the technique to use

Before choosing your tattoo, you must determine how you want to receive it. Indeed, there is an impressive variety of techniques and tools dedicated to this art. This includes electric tattooing, bamboo tattooing, blacklight style tattooing and so on. Otherwise, consult this site for more details. Electric tattooing is the simplest and one of the most génériques methods available. 

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It consists of inserting the anchor under the skin using a machine gun created for the occasion. The blacklight style is similar, with the difference that the tattoo created is only visible under UV light. The bamboo tattoo is older. It involves inserting the needle through a bamboo and is reputed to be less painful than traditional methods. 

The tattoo artist’s recommendations, an excellent guide

The techniques presented above all have their share of advantages and disadvantages. But as a beginner, you are unlikely to be able to understand these methods and choose the most suitable one for your case. 

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This is why, in case of doubt, it is strongly recommended to seek advice from your tattoo artist. Thanks to his know-how and experience, he will be able to tell you the technique best suited to your case. He will take the time to explain the nuances between the methods, prioritizing your satisfaction above all. 

The key inspirations for a quality tattoo

A tattoo is an indelible mark. Once you have taken the step, there is no going back. It is therefore crucial to choose a design that best reflects your tastes, preferences and so on. To achieve this, you can take inspiration from just about anything and everything. Here are some examples consistent with this principle. 

The animal kingdom

The animal world is full of strong, massive, impressive and ferocious species. This is why it is considered one of the best possible sources of inspiration. Tiger, lion, wolf, these beasts are so impressive that tattoo enthusiasts do not hesitate to have them drawn. 


Mythology is a universe revolving around the unreal and the fantastic. Gods with incredible origins, treasures with legendary powers, mythical and enchanting places, you will find everything. So imagine your two arms covered with references to deities worshiped for centuries. You can believe me, the beauty of your tattoos will take your breath away. 

Your life

This is the best possible source of inspiration for a tattoo. Throughout your life, you have certainly experienced a lot. Between happy, sad and unique moments, you will have no trouble finding an event significant enough to be immortalized. And if you have doubts, opt for a phrase that is very cliché but full of common sense. It’s always a pleasure.